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Exceptionally Trained and Rigorously Screened Uniform Security Professionals


  • Bakela Security will provide you with certified and licensed security officers. Each security officer has been screened to the standards of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.
  • Our pre-employment background checks include out of drug screening test, criminal history checks, and training.
  • Bakela protection offers supervisory personnel to ensure strict adherence to our general orders and your rules, regulations, and ordinances.
  • Our supervisors are utilized as a liaison between Bakela VIP Protection and our clients.
  • Supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your convenience and will regularly make spot checks to prevent the onset of complacency.
  • It is our belief that in order to assure the best quality of service that we are well known for, we must keep a close relationship with our personnel both on and off duty.
  • All security personnel will be equipped with 2-way radios or equivalent to ensure constant communication with our management team.
  • Our uniformed security officers are outfitted with combat-type or corporate-type uniforms.
  • Our uniformed security guards are trained to act as a criminal deterrent by adopting the principals of the community police officer program; they are encouraged to be an approachable source of information to patrons, residents, and employees.
  • Letting the public know that they are there for them generates a feeling of community and safety.
  • The management team, having 65 combined years of security, law enforcement, and medical experience, has realized that prevention of crime can be accomplished by utilizing tactical approaches, rather than accusations and the traditional methods of our processors. The art of verbal judo is commonplace in our organization and has often been effective in defusing volatile situations.